Shower gel

Alfons Ven developed these unique shower gel for a 4 years old child. The little boy did not tolerate any kind of soap. Meanwhile this product became a blessing to everybody in the bathroom and sports bag!

It is a shower gel with a base of 100 % natural ingredients and will be tolerated well by all types of skin. A must for people with a difficult skin. Good results in case of acne. These shower gel can also be used as a shampoo, your hair will be soft and shining. The quality of this product is on the base of the living water from the Belgian Ardennes and  refined by the scent of real lavender. The quality of all the ingredients is exceptional.

Refreshing and fine,

For shower, bath and hair

This product is really fair

Skin problems, in that case

Your little child ‘s grimy face  

To use from head to toe

Everybody will love you

Without sting in the eyes

Rapidly energy you guys

Relaxing time after time

All this for a dime


Only for outward application: suitable for everyone, even when someone is allergic to soap. Gives shine to skin and hair...In case of long hair rinse with a balm.

Composition: among other things with lavender originating from the Mont Blanc. Plants on this altitude (1400 meters) produce a very fine, high qualitative etheric oil! It contains also plants of our regions: wheat and beets (are storing the energy of the sun). Among others the wheat is rich in vitamin E and the beets are responsible for the gels gentle characteristic of washing. The wheat germ oil in this gel is an exceptionally finely splitted condition, which makes it easy to be absorbed by the skin. This high-technological application is very expensive en therefore rarely used in cosmetics. How a small thing can be great! Wheat germ oil, wheat starch, betain, vitamin E, lecithin, lavender oil

Packing: Transparent plastic bottle with a flappable cap, contents: e 500 ml


Relaxing bath oil

Alfons Ven has asked dr. Geerts to develop an exclusive bath oil for himself (sensitive skin). Because he is very enthusiastic of this product we also like to share it with you. It is a luxurious bath oil which helps the body to relax after an enervating and stressful day. The natural and fruity scent creates a restful and relaxing atmosphere. Ensures a fresh and youthful feeling. Stimulating for the skin.

A nice aspect of this bath oil is that it is intelligent.

- does your body need rest? Then after this bath you will be rather relaxed, you can enjoy the rest of the evening in your armchair.

- does your body have still some energy, then your battery will be charged up in such way you can get to work immediately!

Your paradise on earth...

Only for outward application:

1) soothing effect:

- for caring and soothing the skin in all circumstances

- stimulating/ refreshing

- stimulates the skin function

- favorable for a good mental balance

2) luxurious effect:

- restores the skin after overload of mechanical, pollution and climatic stress such as strong sunrays et cetera.

- stimulating and refreshing fragrance during bathing

- permanent pleasant fragrance on the skin after bathing

Can also be used in a Jacuzzi & does not leave oil edges

Composition: With among other things the tranquilizing power of Sint Janskruid,  (Hypericum perforatum) oil from stones of peaches (ensures a soft skin), marigold and Aloe Vera (both very salutary for the tired skin), further also Neem oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, oil of cold pressed sunflower seeds.


Packing: Plastic bottle, contents: e 200 ml




Every man has his pride and would like to have a soft face after shaving. This complete natural and vegetable aftershave was developed on the suggestion of Alfons Ven. This aftershave repairs the skin after shaving and makes it soft as velvet! Refreshing, soothing, pleasantly scenting and masculine.

A well-being for your skin! After disappearing of the scent, the aftershave will still be functioning. The intention is that you can stick to your own preferences for a certain perfume.

Eau des Herbes...

Only for outward application:

- soothing for an irritated skin as a result of shaving

- takes care of the skin

- supports the restoring capacity of the skin

- prevents unattractive looks caused by pimples

Composition: This aftershave is composed of an extract of chamomile flowers, Symphytum officinale, witch-hazel* and spirit of wine. all ingredients have been obtained from vegetable kingdom and the aftershave is consequently completely natural. The 100% natural scent is a scent of fresh savannah grass from the edge of the jungle…

* own cultivation in untouched nature from the Mountains of the Ardennes.

Packing: Glass bottle, contents: e 100 ml




Sometimes you wonder if sweating is rather natural, because it is never pleasant! And slowing down sweating, just cannot be healthy? Then this will be the answer: Therefore this complete natural and vegetable deodorant was developed on the advice of Alfons Ven.

The Spray is harmless for your health. The ingredient farnesol is a vegetable kind of alcohol, which prevents the increase of bacteria (which are responsible for body odours and stains as a result of sweating). Sage and witch-hazel reduce sweating, and chamomile takes care of the possible sensitive skin. The scent of this deodorant is fresh and brief. After a while you will not notice the scent anymore, but the deodorant is still working. The intention is that you can stick to your own preferences for a certain perfume.

Fresh water for women

Cool water for men

- fights the undesirable body odors in a natural manner

- slows down or reduces sweating

- repairs the sensitive skin as a result of excessive sweating

- gives a safe, fresh feeling during the whole day, also for people who usually do not sweat  

- acts also as a good odor-eater, for example to refresh a room.

Composition: This deodorant is composed from farnesol, sage, witch-hazel*, chamomile and spirit of wine, all ingredients have been obtained from vegetable kingdom. 100% natural!

* own cultivation in untouched nature from the Mountains of the Ardennes.

Packing: Glass bottle with spray, contents: e 100 ml




This special toothpaste with a nostalgic tinge, has a unique fresh taste, improves the condition of the gums, whitens the teeth for real and keeps them shiny.

Does not contain artificial sweeteners neither fluoride. Cleans the teeth, the gums and dentures in a soft but careful way. Restores the bio flora of the oral cavity. Recommended as a maintenance toothpaste for every age. Also suitable for children. Exclusively made out of natural elements from vegetable and mineral kingdom. An extra surplus value: contains Crab Apple according to dr. Bach and a spagyrian prepared tincture according to dr. Geerts. Both ingredients are respectively known for their deep cleansing ability and antiseptic effect.

- maintenance toothpaste among other things for  sensitive gums

- maintenance toothpaste for smokers: whitens the teeth

- increases the resistance against bad bacteria and moulds

- a long-term fresh breath and safe laughs makes you feel sure

- brushing your teeth, gums and dentures  in an unique way

Natural cleaning...

Composition: chalk mineral, Montmorillonite clay, Stevia, Peppermint, mint, Crab Apple & Echinacea (both of own cultivation).

Packing: Plastic tube * with an easy flappable cap, contents: e 100 gr.

* This tube is unique because it consists of several layers. It increases the preservability of the product, therefore it assures a long-term quality.



For the bathroom

Ven method

Thanks to the work of engineer Alfons Ven, living in the middle of the Belgian Ardennes, it is now possible to extract the vital energy from nature. The products, mentioned in this product leaflet, have been prepared according to the unique “Ven method”. High quality and the optimum effect for everyone characterizes these products…

The results are phenomenal and give them a particular value. Natural ingredients of plants and minerals are used to make the products. Several plants are grown on unspoiled ground in the Ardennes and harvested with care on the spot. Alfons Ven creates an opportunity to  natural care of man and  animal.

Alfons Ven products are natural preparations, made in an artisanal and not industrial way.



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